Read here what CardioGem users and others have to say..

Rod Punnett, senior therapist and heartcoherence counsellor, Canada: "I downloaded v.2.0 and your latest developments are superb. I love that all the 'basics' are still there. I have in the years of known that the ICC is essential. My compliments on your writings in continuing to clarify our field. I remember our conversation where I suggested that IHM was stress managing and CardioGem is transformation, you "got it" and now I see how that is informing some of your direction. As well your extensive 'model' for applying Sarkar's work is very rich.I dream of the day when we can have multiple CardioGems in the same app and an integrated display of 'we-together' ". "Triguna Media ha ve taken HRV further than anyone else and are the leader in Internal Cardiac Coherence so we're really pleased that they have chosen us to provide the hardware for their ground breaking software ".

Kristen Anastasia, counsellor at Coalinga State Hospital, California: "I look forward to hearing more about how we might integrate the CardioGem into the program here at Coalinga. I was blown away with the technology when I volunteered to be hooked up for the first West Coast debut. It captured my heart, and I have never stopped thinking what a powerful tool it might be in helping difficult and disturbed people find a bliss and a balance within themselves. I am most curious how it would react to our category of patients. I am hopeful it would it register some sort of lack of heart coherence, and allow them to entrain to a new, more generous state. Wouldn't it be amazing to have such technology help us along that path? And make it clearly visible not only to us, but to the patients? I'm so glad you took on the huge job of making the technology advance, and available".

Dr. Ken Sherman, PhD., therapist / councellor and biofeedback expert, Oregon:
"My real passion is teaching others to learn to sense the space in and around us that is purely unconditioned and as we rest in it, we feel complete with no desire to change anything. It is non-local, fully satisfying, endlessly open and has a great intelligence and heart-felt quality to it. Once people experience this, I want to then offer a training to teach them how to live their lives through this open space.. Your NeuroGem is obviously looking at the EEG in a highly novel and innovative manner and is very intriguing. It seems as though what you are creating could be the vehicle through which I could train people to quiet their minds, give them greater access to their heart and help them to become less attached to their thoughts, feelings and worldly desires.."

Dr. Jan Raes, MD., psychiatrist and counsellor, Belgium ( "I'm using the diagram of the NeuroGem Empirical Suite also as wallpaper on my desktop. It's so complementary and brilliant. Very, very cool...!" (transl. from Dutch)

Anonymous on bitcoin forum : "I work with the Neuro/Cardiogem for years and i know what it is capable of, its amazing.."

Dolf Terlingen, therapist and coach, Netherlands (; "I am an osteopath and in 2007 started with "VitaalScan" as an independent business. With VitaalScan I carry out a few tests to gain insight in the mental and physical functioning of employees in a corporate environment or organization. The tests include a so called Cardioscan focusing on stress vs. wellness related physiology. Recently I also acquired the CardioGem which allows me to get very specific understanding of the basic psychology of social interaction and authenticity. In an evaluation session afterwards, the results will be used to advise on improvements on physical, mental and social functioning".

S. José, Spain: "I've just reviewed the functionality of NeuroGEM. It is an impressive work you have done along these years. How powerful can it be once properly applied. My next step will be testing it on people around me (friends, relatives, etc) in order to improve my skills on the heart intelligence issue which surely will provide me a better understanding of my-self".

André Visch, health Spa director and therapist, Netherlands ( "We of Health Spa "Ryokan de Bronsbergen" acquired the CardioGem and NeuroGem to gain insight in the progress of our health course guests. Questionnaires can often be delusive and that's why we are looking for a method which is more conclusive. Our experiences with the new applications are positive. In order to estimate to what extend this method can be used to certify the quality of our services to paying customers will need a little more time. However, all signs point in that direction. Our next study will focus on the diagnostic use of the applications to provide a solid basis for prognosis. We expect that especially the NeuroGem will be an excellent tool for this". - Ryokan was selected as one of the top health Spa's in Europe; André Visch is besides professional physiotherapist a former "black belt" world toplevel 'kyokushin' karate expert.

Shemi Sagiv, D.C., NSA practitioner, Israel ( As a chiropractic physician specializing in network spinal analysis (NSA) seeking to promote wellness I find that the CardioGem is the gold standard which assist me and practice members to evaluate their progress. Some of the important outcomes of NSA is to develop somatic awareness and to promote psycho-somatic coherence of the heart-brain function and the CardioGem is valuable in monitoring these outcomes. As a sport chiropractic I find that with the CardioGem I can sharpen and refine the athlete's ability to be alert (HRV) while maintaining high internal focus (ICC) which is crucial for peak performance". - Being a sports chiropractor, Shemi Sagiv himself participated in the 1984 Los Angeles Games as an Olympian Marathon runner.

Angela Skaliks, Chalice Well's Harmony, Aachen, Germany: "The NeuroGem is in my opinion the ideal program to recognize learning disorders and to work on improvement. Furthermore, the calculations of Octave and Golden Mean coherence allow for a clear representation of personality disorders. It's exciting to see that many people, whose focus is exclusively circling around them selves, show a lacking outward sensibility in the test results. This is how I imagine the world of the psychotic individual, obnoxiously positioning him or herself in the centre of the world only to concoct excuses to escape in withdrawal. I am as before very enthused and see especially in the NeuroGem a tool to constructively act upon psychically, mentally and emotionally oriented problems. There are no "escapes" for the test person because the evaluation speaks for itself, holding up a mirror in the face. Thanks for contributing to a little elucidation in brain research with your work!"

Steve Burnand, UK: "I have been told that I am an empath, many times, but seeing it on the screen was still an eye opener".

Mind, body, spirit INSIGHT - Healing Journeys ARTICLES - "Maury Lamb (US) assists clients with the Cardiogem, the latest in bio-feedback technology, in order to fully integrate their hearts in the healing process". "In my work, I serve as a mentor for those seeking excellence; in relationships, leadership, athletic performance, creative expression and spiritual development. As a Guide, I assist clients through life's major roadblocks - pain, illness; and traumatic events. I guide clients through the maze of the mind to the Truth that exists at that moment. Healing occurs when the inner Truth aligns with the mental emotional being. We call this "The Work". The CardioGem is a computerized biofeedback program which shows the music of the heart and opens the door to heart coherence. Heart Coherence holds the secret to mental clarity, physical health and heart-oriented relationships. When coherent, the biological heart, harmonizes the autonomic nervous system to create peace within. Simply observing your own heart harmonics expands consciousness. It is fascinating to observe the response of the heart to important questions. In counseling we use the CardioGem to identify issues that are calling for greater clarity and to confirm when that issue is resolved".

Eric Dowsett, Clear Home, Clear Heart - "The effectiveness of clearing your self is limited to your ability to be objective about your 'drama'. Most of us are so deep in our 'dramas' that we fail to see ourselves more objectively. We have demonstrated, using the 'CadrioGem' software, that the interaction of two hearts is where the most powerful work occurs".

Ryan D, Canada: "Now that I have had a chance to get familiar with the CardioGem, I thought I would write to share my initial impressions and some ideas for future improvements to the software. Please bear with me. First of all I would like to say the system is great, I'm highly impressed. Well worth the wait. The CardioGem is without a doubt the most advanced ECG biofeedback device on the market and although the EEG portion of the program is in its first incarnation it still exceeds the functionality of most other systems and is a very solid foundation on which to build on. The hardware also seems to be very well constructed and high quality, hopefully it is advanced enough to be used with many future software revisions".

Rod Punnett, Canada: "You have created a very comprehensive platform, with a lot of complexity put in a small package. It's a pleasure to be part of this evolution".

Richard Glade, US: "I am delighted with the CardioGem and look forward to developing greater skill in utilizing all its capabilities".

Rod Punnett, Canada:
"Keep up the good work, you continue to evolve a superlative product".