Summary of CardioGem Diagnostic Functions

  • ECG "RAW DATA": this is the signal used by cardiologists. The ECG signal (so called "PQRS" heartbeat complex) indicates general heart health vs. cardiac disorders (such as post - CVA), however this is not the typical use of the CardioGem. In fact healthy Internal Cardiac Coherence (ICC) implies a healthy "PQRS" heartbeat signal

  • HEART RATE: momentary (tachogram) and average heartrate. Useful as an indicator for general heart health. Extremely low (bradycardia) or high (tachycardia) heart rates or cardiac arrhythmia can easily be detected. Healthy ICC generally implies a healthy heart rate

  • HEART RATE VARIABILITY (HRV): a clinically proven indicator of cardiac and general health, and accepted longevity indicator. A healthy ("not too low, not too high") HRV level is crucial for the more advanced psycho-physiological coherence

  • PSYCHO-PHYSIOLOGICAL COHERENCE : the effect of regular (monotonic) breathing on the heart rate, used for stress release. Like ECG and heart rate, this supports ICC. In the CardioGem it is in fact a supportive training- rather than diagnostic function.

    • Emotional coherence (harmonic inclusiveness of the HRV spectrum): (increased) feeling of empathy and connectedness, belonging, esthetics, blissfulness
    • Mental coherence: staying tuned, increased self-awareness, improving competences

    "EMOTIONAL COHERENCE + MENTAL COHERENCE = CONSCIOUSNESS" - co-creativeness, flow, one-ness

  • DYNAMIC INDEX = INTERNAL CARDIAC COHERENCE + HEALTHY HRV: indicates how effectively you utilize your inner resources in practical life, in other words, increasing the level of intelligent, self-empowered lifstyle

Importantly: emotional and mental Internal Coherence are not mere "passive" conditions,
but ENGAGING, MOTIVATING and ACTIVE states. Practical benefits in personal life are
increased emotional control and therefore better self-management and improved efficiency.

CardioGem main diagnostic screen

A. Main Menu.
B. ECG raw data. Fixed index and gain for absolute signal quality perception. Use mouse to scroll through a recorded session with different speeds.
C. ECG Spectrum. Shows the frequencies that make up the heart beat, theoretically up to 60 Hz. Use mouse to adjust range and gain.
D. Internal Cardio Coherence, ICC (in the case of healthy HRV). The peak height indicates the momentary ICC level (0 - 100%), the peak position indicates the heart rate. Use mouse to adjust range and gain.
E. Heart Rate Variability spectrum. Shows the slow periodic heart rate fluctuations. If the HRV spectrum is harmonically inclusive (fractal), this indicates internal coherence.
F. Heart rate (tacho) and ICC history. Very helpful for an initial impression of cardiac health and internal coherence. Shows heart rate and transient ICC peaks and average levels. Use mouse to adjust range and gain.
G. Quick Scan, final statistical evaluation. The directly printable form includes a HRV and ICC summary with (optional) HRV statistics and ICC statistics. The Dynamic Index shows ICC effectiveness, automatically compensated for abnormally high or low HRV power. Use the Quick Scan in combination with your personal evaluation.

Session Report - click to enlarge

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Summary of CardioGem Biofeedback Functions

  • BASIC PHYSIOLOGICAL COHERENCE: a simple regular breathing exersize with optional heart rate feedback. Used to help reduce emotional stress, for example to prepare for ICC biofeedback. The breathing rate as well as the inhale / exhale ratio can be adjusted. The CardioGem breathing pacer is typically used for baroreflex training

    More sophisticated auto-baroreflex training comes as a future option


    • Guides you into a unique emotionally and mentally uplifting experience

    • Helps you to realize and reconnect to your innermost resources, to develop increasing levels of emotional quiessence and self-management

    • Helps you to create a healthy, self-affirmative state of mind, to clear past issues in a gentle way

    • Provides a congenial point of reference, a place to return to, which is relaxing but not inactivating, stimulating but not enforcing

CardioGem biofeedback environment, split-screen mode.

Biofeedback Settings Panel

Biofeedback fullscreen mode

Biofeedback Control Panel

Biofeedback Music Panel

The complete CardioGem ( + NeuroGem) set as it is shipped to you. Click to enlarge.

NeuroGem Diagnostics and Biofeedback
Join in the discovery of broad-spectrum Golden Ratio among brain waves

The NeuroGem is the sister-application of the CardioGem, and is essentially based on the same principles. The NeuroGem is fully functional and commercially available, but still relatively new. The NeuroGem is often acquired and used in combination with the CardioGem, to create a broad spectrum of "Heart-Brain" diagnostic and biofeedback possibilities (and with the benefit of a substantial discount). It is however a project in progress, and of course new developments in the software and its applications will be shared here. The NeuroGem's main functions are:

  • Basic psychological coherence through alpha peak assessment. A healthy level of alpha peaks indicates a state of mental idling, or wakeful and alert relaxation. Psychologically as well as geometrically it is the basis of advanced brain coherence.

  • Advanced EEG (Brain) Coherence:

    • Evaluate a person's empathic and creative potential in the socio-emotional, esthetic, and imaginative worlds (DIRECTLY MEASURABLE amount of Golden or Phi Ratio Coherence.

    • Evaluate a person's level of cognitive skills, capabilities and self-determination in the individual physical, mental and abstract planes (amount of Octave Ratio Coherence.

  • NeuroGem Biofeedback Training: "You are NOT your brain"..!

    • Learn to see and function past ingrained cognitive and emotional patterns

    • Evolve your improvising, evaluating and decision making capabilities

    • Improve your capacities to shape, hold and realize your vision

NeuroGem main diagnostic screen

A. Main menu
B. EEG raw data. Fixed index and gain, to have absolute signal quality perception. Use mouse to scroll through a recorded session with different speeds.
C. ECG Spectrum (vertical). Shows the brain wave frequencies, theoretically up to 64 Hz.(Delta, Theta, Alpha, Beta). Use mouse to adjust range and gain. The example shows alpha peaks.
D. Geometric Coherence of the EEG Spectrum, bi-hemispheric. The peak height indicates the momentary coherence level (0 - 100%), the peak position indicates the geometric ratio. The peak quality is evaluated in the Quick Scan or in the Empirical Suite. Use mouse to adjust range and gain.
E. EEG geometric coherence history, for Golden Ratio and Octave Ratio. The history plot optionally shows the coherence level or - quality, or the effectiveness.
F. Quick Scan, final session history and statistics evaluation of various coherence parameters.
G. EEG Coherence spectrogram. Same as geometric spectrum, waterfall plotted for the entire session. Excellent to quickly detect significant coherence.

NeuroGem Spectrogram

NeuroGem special quick hook-on
clip for gel-free EEG sensors.
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NeuroGem Empirical Suite. See your actual EEG Internal Coherence
right in the functional diagram of the autonomic cycle