Psycho-physiological coherence

Your basic connection to allround wellbeing

More than 2 decades intensive and well documented research proved that the Autonomic Nervous System enters into distinctively different states related to stress or relaxation as well as to more advanced forms of emotional coherence and self-management.

These different emotional and mental states are especially expressed in the heart and the brain. Through these dynamic and energetic organs we can measure the body's and mind's various states directly.

The possibility of simply and directly measuring psycho-physiological coherence can be a powerful help for diagnosis as well as for training, for example to reduce stress, or to increase your mental and emotional potentialities.

Well known forms of physiological analysis are Heart Rate Variability (HRV) and the common type of brain wave analysis (EEG). In the mid-90's, an effective method for reducing stress by increasing the level of physiological coherence was developed by Institute of Heart Math (IHM). The IHM method, which is essentially based on the balancing effect of regular breathing on the heart rate, became the most widely used training system in its field.

Discover the power of Internal Cardiac Coherence

More recent studies have revealed a still deeper dimension of coherence which applies to the heart as well as to the brain. This has opened up a range of new and powerful diagnostic and biofeedback training possibilities for profound emotional and mental wellbeing.

The breakthrough insight is that in the case of a healthy person, the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) repetitively brings itself back into a state of increased internal coherence. These powerful, precious moments are called transient coherence states. During these transient states, your complete emotional make-up, reflected in the subtle fluctuations of the ANS, harmonically fuses into a singular, conscious flow, enabling your body and mind to get back in tune with your unlimited resources.

Therefore, learning the skill of increasing these moments of internal coherence is the key to re-energizing, mind & body healing and ultimately happiness. These recurring moments of increased coherence, and not any amount of rest, sports, relaxation, healthy diet, etc.. by itself, through their electrical and sonic emissions influence and entrain the entire body. This is the secret of genuine health and spirit in our system. It is the one and only source of emotional coherence, heartfelt communication and inspiration, as well as personal motivation, competence and satisfaction.

Internal Coherence is associated with an increased feeling of:

  • Deep emotional quiescence, as a result of increased empathy, openness and connectedness, and
  • Mental balance and serenity, as a result of increased self-awareness, enhancing confidence and individual presence

Importantly, these are not mere "passive" conditions, but ENGAGING, MOTIVATING and ACTIVE states. Practical benefits in personal life are increased emotional control and therefore better self-management and improved efficiency.

When your body and mind are coherent, things don't necessarily cost less effort, but "effort costs less effort"! This leads to a sense of wellbeing, personal significance and co-creativeness.

With respect to the "raw data" ECG (electrical heart pulse), this state is referred to as Internal Cardiac Coherence, or ICC.

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The deep science and skill of Heart-Brain coherence means optimizing nature's self-reinforcing cycle of life, vibrating the Autonomous Nervous System "on the edge of equilibrium". The basis of all personal growth is the brain's ability to raise Internal Cardiac Coherence, through subtle para-sympathetic (Vagus) action, out of the "vibrational ocean" energized by sympathetic activity.

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