Summary Wave Matrix Physics and Psycho-physiology
Research papers by Frank van den Bovenkamp, TrigunaMedia

  • Heart & Brain Coherence Summary, including:
    • Advanced heart / brain coherence vs. classical psycho-physiology
    • Increase your training goal from simple relaxation to activating your higher resources
    • Systemic balance (physiological coherence) vs. synthetic balance (evolving mind)
    • Guidelines for heart & brain coherence diagnosis and training
    • The self-reinforcing cycle of psycho-physiology
    • The heart-brain connection
    • Defining psychological archetypes based on psyho-physiological coherence
    • More..

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  • The phyllotaxis of the human heart beat: How fractality / phyllotaxis optimized by Golden Ratio makes your heart beat sacred

    incl. SOFTWARE + MOVIE
    • LEARNING the universal principles of BASIC and ADVANCED Heart Coherence
    • INSTANT TEACHING the same to your clients
    • MATHEMATICALLY PROVING how coherence of the slow heart waves (Harmonic Inclusiveness = fractality of the HRV Spectrum) causes Internal Cardiac Coherence
    • TRAINING, to the extend of visualizing more directly than ever before, that the way your Heart Beat is optimized is the same as how nature optimizes all of creation

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  • Biological Design

    First ever comprehensive and in-depth reference of biological design and heart & brain coherence focusing on physiology, psycho-physiology, Microvita Cosmology [Shrii P.R. Sarkar] and Wave Matrix Physics [FB] - for doctors, therapists, intuitional- and lab researchers and Yogic practitioners -
    • The biological design enigma - an educated guess or proof of a "living soul"?
    • The Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) in Yogic sciences
    • The Anatomy of Heart Coherence - the sympathetic / parasympathetic (vagus) innervation of the heart as the basis of deep (transpersonal) psycho-physiology + extensive discussion
    • The Heart's Mystical Connection (with excerpts from Ananda Marga Youth presentation, July 2011, Germany - full.ppt & annotations here)
    • Mapping Heart - Brain Coherence: from identity to personality
    • Into the heart of Yogic sciences (Yogis alert - must read!)
    • Biogenesis - the dual path out of chaos
    • Meditation types in wave matrix psycho-physiology - with critical research input from neuroscientists / consciousness researchers prof. Fred Travis, Maharishi University and prof. Zoran Josipovic, NYU
    • EPECA - European Psycho-energetic Coaching Association - presentation + workshop "Science & Spirituality" - Photo's Nov. 2011,;
    • Biological Grand Design: Wave Matrix Physics in BioArchitecture, with Michael Rice
    • Further evidence of wave matrix physics in psycho-physiology

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  • The Geometric Origin of Selective Color Perception

    Ask a child the colors of a rainbow or emerging from a prism, and it will name the primary colors. This is what we call "selective color empathy": the spectrum of light is not perceived smoothly, but certain colors seem to stand out for no obvious reason. These are the colors you first learned as a kid. The fact that other colors are often named after them, but never the way around, by itself proves they are special.

    Why are these colors found to be unique? Is there a physical or physiological basis for such divisions of the visible spectrum, or is it just our "subjective" perception? In that case, why are the primary colors always the same, worldwide and throughout history?

    Is there a universal, but hidden pattern which guides our conscious experience?

    The "geometric origin of selective color empathy" is a proof of such a concept, a new approach which could be called the physics of conscious experience. It formulates a distinct division of the visible spectrum accurately accounting for the wavelengths of the primary colors, and more. As it provides clues for an extended type of underlying wave physics, it can be a great incentive for further research.

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  • The Geometric Origin of Sound

    Toroidal spin resonance, predicting the formants in a way consistent with our perception and other known criteria, while at the same time naturally consonant with the biological speech mechanism, appears to provide a realistic working model in the emerging field of causal phonetics

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  • Microcosm, macrocosm and mysticism

    Powerpoint presentation with speaker notes

    The actual slideshow was created for the youth of around 12 to 18, with almost no text. Below annotations were added later and may go into more depth. The presentation is based on P.R. Sarkar's breakthrough theory on microvita, focusing on the lecture on Microvita and Cosmology. Microvita cosmology is NOT the same as, or part of Brahma Cakra philosophy (The Cycle of Creation - actually Srsti Cakra). Quoting Sarkar: "this is a new line of thinking - a new philosophical approach. Here "knower-I" and "Doer-I" are not necessarily the same as mahat, aham or citta of philosophy.. New Samskrta terms will have to be created". This critical note of Sarkar was often overlooked in lectures on microvita. This presentation is not based on, or in any way directly related to Brahma Cakra. Neither does it negate Brahma Cakra, however correlating Microvita Cosmology with Brahma Cakra is not the purpose of this presentation.

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  • Coherence in psycho-physiology (.pdf; in association with DGEIM )

    In a systemic context, the human body is described as a so called Open Dynamical System (ODS). The sum total of its functions and interactions with its environment is critical for its very existence.

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  • Neuro-physiological correlates of higher states of consciousness in the context of universal empiricism

    Classical empiricism is shown to be philosophically and practically inadequate as a context for consciousness research. An extended empirical basis, progressively combining classical and creational empiricism is proposed and referred to as universal empiricism. The matrix of universal empiricism includes two new types of subjective plus objective poles and their interactions. It is shown how universal empiricism can be used as a context for global neuro-physiological correlates of higher states of consciousness and as a universal psychological matrix. An existing classification of meditation types is extended and reviewed in the context of the universal matrix. A universal stage of consciousness is proposed, refining the classical duality vs. non-dual dichotomy.

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  • Why Phi?

    The optimisation of phase-conjugation for a scale-invariant heterodyne wave packet is analysed. The principle of scale-invariance is introduced anticipating its application in soliton wave physics and could be a requirement for optimal phase-conjugation. Heterodyne phase-conjugation here is limited to the rudimental form of one wavelength being the sum or difference of two others. A numerical demonstration of the optimal
    solution, a Golden Mean scaling ratio, is given by means of a heterodyne power scan over a wide range of ratio's. The Fourier spectrum of a Golden Mean recursive heterodyne is given, which was found to have the form of a binary Fibonacci series of frequencies. The function of heterodyne phase-conjugation in soliton creation will briefly be discussed.

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  • Golden Ratio in Chlorophyll? - critical review

    The Bacteriochlorophyll BChl-c absorbtion lines in aquateous solution (i.e. with intact funtion) and therefore also the free plant chlorophyll Chl-a seem to be around Golden Ratio, however unrelated to any currently known larger cascade, and unrelated to Planck length.

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